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For Sale Yamaha Revstar RS820CR Rusty Rat

bad alice

Easily distracted and...OHLOOKAGUITAR!!!
Yamaha Revstar RS820CR Rusty Rat:

Ridiculously high quality guitars for the cash and this one is an absolute delight. In short, if you’re on the hunt for a LP type axe without any of the awkwardness and weight a LP can bring? This is a no brainer.
There’s loads of reviews out there that YELL about how good these guitars are so here’s Music Radar to do their part

A couple of mods to mention: the push/pull pot for the (highly usable) Dry Switch has been changed to a push/push - it’s a mod I do to all my guitars because I find it an easier, faster way to “pop” between switching options and the high gloss neck has been lightly sanded for a more satin feel - doesn't go through the paint though. . It's in great nick with a tiny bit of buckle rash on the back but otherwise in top condition.
Comes with Yamaha gig bag.
Pics HEEEEEEEEEEEE-ERRRR *best Poltergeist voice*

£450 (no trades)

Please comment below before firing over a PM as I might miss it and that? Jesus, imagine?!
I’m based in Helensburgh but happy to meet in Glasgow City Centre/West End or at any station in the Hburgh -> Glasgow line.
And I have biscuits.
Goooooooood biscuits,
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