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I sold my Peavey Butcher head! Woohoo! That means more funds for the thing I ordered, and more funds on my savings account. My guitar guy will be back from holiday Thursday. I hope to get good news from him. The thing we ordered had limited stock, so we needed to wait and see if we were on time or if it's backordered.


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That looks amazing...and cold!
Well it's not called iceland because of...
Actually it's all pretty green. The weather changes every 10 minutes and I spend a lot of the time of that gletsjer just carrying my coat. My wife had the best situation, because she had a sweater our guide hid her heavy coat and we never needed it. You'd expect a gletsjer hike to be slippery but those cramp-ons make walking a breeze.

The third picture was a lake if melting water at the bottom of a gletsjer, I had a coat on but it wasn't too cold.

The only time I could've been cold was during out whale tour. But we got these great coveralls. That I needed one atop of a shirt, sweater and coat says enough I think :)

@Tankman I can really recommend going there. We were away for just a week but it feels like it was a month. I'm not much of a traveler but this holiday was really great. (Except that it raped our bank account)


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Wade Garrett

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you can find it in the bespoke boutique ;)


it has a layer of rustoleum spray sparkle over that


then a halford's clear coat

was inspired by this capri

View attachment 37342

and... my strat went (sort of) yellow...

View attachment 37343
Well you know I'm going to like a yellow guitar!


Stop, don’t, come back.

you know coco pops when you see them ;)

@Wade Garrett

it has a slightly different wiring system as well - i swapped the neck and middle pickups while keeping the wiring and switch the same, so...

1/ Bridge HB
2/ Bridge HB + Neck SC
3/ Neck SC
4/ Neck SC + Middle HB
5/ Middle HB

means i can get the strat neck tone and a tele-esque neck and bridge mix

might fit a dpdt switch - then i can add the middle HB to either positions 1/ or 2/