What put a smile on your face today?

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I finally bothered to figure out Cakewalk, that was being given away for free last year, and used it for real for the first time today. Recorded a song, fleshed it out a little on a couple extra tracks, and am now going to drive myself insane by re-recording everything I've written that's on my phone and iPad. :D

I need to figure out how to upload an audio track here. :)

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The skip arrived this morning for cleaning out the back room and garage. It feels good to get rid of the stuff that's built up over the years.

I've got a week to sort it out before the guy comes to rip out and rebuild our bathroom. The timing is bad because of what's been going on with Kerry's dad (he got to go home today, good news!). It feels like everything is happening at once since I was already in the middle of doing some work on the bedroom (which will have to wait now) when we got the news that our bathroom guy was ready to start.

I'm just glad things are happening, it's way past time all this got done.


I... I like trees.

Think I finally got the stinkin' link to work. Kept loading to an error page until I gave it a text name. Seems to work now.
It's sloppy and mistake-riddled, and I already have it changed in my head.
But there it is. :confused::p:D

Think I need to turn my amp up. I figured the volume in Cakewalk was more in control, but I guess not. So, it's quiet. Sorry. :p
Sounds good.
Now you just need some nice, airy drums, a bit of quiet, distorted bass, and poorly-recorded vocals with lots of reverb, and you'll have a killer grunge/stoner rock song :D.

I like it, either way.