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In the search for something affordable from, or close to, my year of birth ('62), I'm thinking about a Melody Maker. If I go for a '62 it has to be a double cutaway, which is fine, as I have a particular fetish for symmetrical double cuts (Yamaha SG, Washburn Eagle/Falcon, Gordon Smith GS), but I'd rather have a single cut, à la Gary Moore, and similarly plan on fitting a set of Grovers and a humbucker (again, in the style of Mr Moore, probably a DiMarzio Super Distortion).

They only fetch somewhere in the region of £1600, which is incredibly cheap IMO. Has anyone owned/does anyone own one?
I can't really answer your question. I do want to point out that your main question should be ''am I willing to throw away 1600 Moo-laah?''. I ask this because hacking the original single coil slot out to a humbucker slot and fitting Grovers is effectively going to put it's value down to virtually zero. That is assuming we're talking something like this:

I think you're better off just getting something like a Gordon Smith relic'ed or a custom build, even though I can see the appeal of a 'birth year' guitar.

Also I respectfully dislike the idea of 'ruining' actual vintage gear in general. There's only so many of them left and in the modern age you can get pretty much any guitar made to look like one you crave for. In the end it's whatever floats your boat I guess.
Had a Gordon Smith. Want a Gibson. I don't care about the resale value. I care about the sound.
- Don’t care about resale;
- Care about sound;
- Want a Gibson;
__________________________+__ =
Custom build with a decal. 1600 will go a long way for such an ‘easy’ build.