Thoughts on Gear and GAS


Subtly not giving a F*ck
I am now pissed at myself with GAS. An explorer type guitar I like was offered to me at a great deal, and my first thought was....I don't want it. I want a PRS CE24....which is about €1200 above my budget. Damnit.


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I got GAS, I've got it bad! I ain't got the dough though ( come on work bonus!).

This is all @johnniegoat fault and my ongoing quest for toneage.

This has shown me that my GAS comes from 3 main areas -

1. Always wanting to sound better. Listening to my guitar heroes, podcasts and YT.
2. Having little pockets of spare time to browse the net (Gumtree, FB marketplace, Evilbay etc).
3. And if I'm totally honest, I think a part of it is the frustration of not having enough time to Rock the Funk as Loud as I want to! I'm blame Covid for this.

I got Dumble Klone Gas

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Stop, don’t, come back.

you should have a listen to TSFAHTPS on YT - Alex uses Ceriatone amps for their pedal demos, originally an OTS, more recently a Creme Brulee which is more a Matchless

the Ceriatone website is useful as well - nothing makes GAS subside like trying to figure out how exc rates and various import taxes would impact a purchase...

if you want to avoid such stuff, Ceriatones do come up in the UK, but not often. I have searches on Ebay and Reverb and had 2 in the last 6 months or so

this is meant to be very good as well

oh. and. you're welcome ;)