The 'What's your latest purchase' thread (or 'I'm a shameless consumer')


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Holy cow that's a great machine!! We use a torch to burn away most of the weed but it's still slow and anoying work. On the other hand.. I don't have enough area to cover to justify spending 700+ euro on a machine for it.. Don't show this to my wife..
Yes. My laziness has no upper price :D

TBH we also keep my parents garden as well. I was contemplating that we were several family members that shared the cost - but eventually I just bought myself. But these kind of machines are obvious for shared ownership.

beans & rice

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I keep buying shit. :oops:

Boss CE-3 off Reverb. I wanted a CE-2 but those are crazy expensive. Sounds the same as the CE-2 but with an unnecessary (to me) stereo option, and at a 1/4 of the price of the CE-2 (and that's the lower end of what they're going for), I snapped it up.
I don't like the sound of the Super Chorus.
If only I'd've kept my CE-2 when I got it in 1987 or 88. :(