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The Want to Buy/For Sale Thread

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Anyone interested in a lost 21 ML-1?

It has no problems - not one of the prettiest that I have seen grain-wise but it isn't too ugly!

I just don't know if I can be bothered with it so scouting interest. Al I have done is put the trem block in and re-strung it with 11s.

Gimme a shout if interested - I don't have to sell it but someone might give it more love than me.

Would need to be picked up from Bucks.



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Hey all,

Anyone Selling a 50(ish) watt head? High gain style hopefully (i.e. blackstar or similar) and maybe a 1 or 2 *12 cab?




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I'm selling Vox VT15 original model round the Hampshire area for £60 o.n.o. A reverb pedal might be cool to trade it for but cash otherwise. PM me on here or quote this. :)

Also, Vox V847 wah (£40), and possssibly the Ibanez AF2 flanger (£90 o.n.o). Pics are available.


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Anybody interested in a Dean Vendetta 1.7 seven string. It's in a good condition with just one nick on the headstock. Nice neck and solid tuners. PM me for pics or if you're interested. Looking for about £110 ONO.

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For sale: Cornford Carrera, Mint condition comes with a silverstone vinyl amp cover and a JJ E34L for swapping out to get a different tonal flavour. £800 o.n.o. includes original box. Great tone but i just don't use it as I rarely can be bothered with playing guitar much now.

For sale: Line 6 POD HD400, great condition hardly used £200 o.n.o includes manuals but no box.

If interested send me a pvt message
Selling a laney vc15 110 combo. Never been thrashed, all stock. Quiet home use only, in fact the speaker might not even be broken in. All stock tubes etc. Will endeavour to get photo links. Looking for £200 ish.

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aww man, im watching vids of this amp and it sounds BEAUT! best of luck with the sale, really gutten i have no gear fund just now!
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