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ed lespaul

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There's a Seymour Duncan PowerStage!!!! Awesome!!!!

Hi guys, I decided to take the plunge and buy a set of protective screens and *clears throat* coloured nuts, stickers etc from Chad Boston at
It cost me around £35.60 but, as I live in the UK, b*stard Customs charges meant another £15 on top of that:facepalm:
Was it worth it?
At least, I think so.
I bought my Helix secondhand but it still cost me around £800. Bearing that in mind I feel that coughing around 7% of that amount to ensure my Helix is protected and easier to use is a reasonable thing to do. Btw I’m not endorsed in any way by Chad or his company. I’m a paying customer just like everyone else.

The protective Perspex screens are around 5mm thick and attached with double sided spongy gel (supplied) which gives them a shockproof effect too. So even if you trip over things as much as me or some over enthusiastic/drunk/twat audience member or band mate stomps on your Helix I’m pretty confident these screens will ensure nothing is broken..on the Helix anyway. The downside is that as the protective screens are only “gel attached” at the sides dust etc will probably still get in but regular cleaning should hopefully nullify that as an issue. The perspex quality is terrific and they’re as clear as glass so it won’t impact on how clearly your read what’s on the respective screens or scribble strips.
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The purpose of the coloured nuts is that you unscrew the current black nuts that are on every input/output on the back of the Helix and replace them with a colour scheme that helps you find the inputs/outputs you use without having to tip the Helix up to read the TINY wording on the back. Chad also includes small coloured plastic sleeves so you can colour code your cables to match too. Frankly, I find that level of organisation a bit terrifying and defo overkill for my needs but if you’re using multiple ins/outs on your Helix then this will definitely speed up setting up and plugging in.
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In a similar vein, there’s various coloured sets of stickers included in the pack too. These are to help you locate the various knobs and buttons on the Helix faster too and to reduce the fumbling about blindly that happens particularly if you’re playing in a dark venue. Tbh I’ve not added any of these yet as I know my OCD levels will freak out if I look down and realise my stickers are not PERFECTLY centred. Also, and call me a traditionalist, but I find the all black front of the Helix and aesthetically pleasing thing in itself. Good to have the stickers in standby though just in case.
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Here’s the website if any of you fancy buying some of this stuff:

All in I guess it took around 3 weeks for my package to arrive from Muricaland but I hear that can vary depending on how busy/quiet orders are.

ed lespaul

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I use mine for powering my 4x12 cabinet, either after the Kemper, or after a few pedals. The simplest setup I used was a Friedman BE-OD pedal into a Digitech Polara => Seymour Duncan PowerStage => cabinet. The sound was amazing.

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I’d love to know more about how you’re using the powerstage?

Are you using it instead of FRFR monitors when gigging and at home?
The Powerstage is a power amp so, as @ed lespaul describes in that set up above^, it fits between my Helix and a cab to give power to amplify the sounds the bazillion tones the Helix offers.
At home I plug it into a 1x12 loaded with a Celestion Creamback (65w) but at rehearsal it goes straight into a 4x12.
It sounds fab both a front room and CRANKED volumes too.
Defo recommended if you get the chance @The thing upstairs


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I must say the new firmware ... or couple of new firmwares ... has done something nice to the Helix (Native for my part).

Combined with the new MIKKO cab sim-plug it has closed the gap to my Axe III considerably.

It's like the newer amp-models are much better than the first batch of amp models. Like Line 6 has had a learning curve there that has peaked around firmware 2.5 or so.

I especially enjoy Placater clean and dirty - and the new Revv Gen Red-model.

I have made a cab-sim in MIKKO with a "Sure" (that's a Suhr 2x12) cab with a Sennheiser 421 and a Royer 121 combined. Effin' awesome sounding.