the g.a.s thread.


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what are you gassing for . are you going to get or do you know that you cant?
im planning on getting the michael kelly patriot standard but im gassing for a squier special edition black and chrome strat. they come with either sss or hss pup config. and cost £185.


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esp ltd fx 360sm, esp ltd ec 1000 fm, fender american deluxe hss, the list goes on and on :confused:
edit: forgot some other stuff but it's all mostly in the sig :D


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Look at the list below, I'm also starting to GAS for a Vintage icon V100 lemon drop Les Paul in left hand. I really like the tone of that guitar..

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No fucking way am I paying $1400 for a reissue! I wouldn't actually mind the reissue or the original, but refuse to pay insane amounts for it. This is why I don't have one. Also they are rare. Eventually one will be mine.
I also want a new cab if I ever get the Sunn Model T for a stereo set up.
So many choices... :cool:


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In approximate purchasing order:

Martin D-18 (GE, if I can afford it...)

2010 Fender American Standard Strat (S-S-S, maple fingerboard, Charcoal Frost metallic)

Mesa Lonestar combo

Gibson SG (or SG-style copy) with two P-90s

EH Big Muff

Fender Hot Rod Deville (or other similar high-powered American voiced amp to be used as a platform for pedals)

Obviously there is more, but the rest is probably just passing interest...