The Dog Thread


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Help? I'm looking for something for home / bedroom use. I've read up a bit and I think I'd be better off with the smaller ones. I know it's all about the mid-range bark but not sure if I'll need the low end woof from the bigger heads.

Also, something that doesn't get farty when pushed. Just the right amount of bite.


I... I like trees.
Big dog: Whiskey, Red/Chocolate Doberman, my late father's dog, and very much mine as well (now going to a new home due to crap circumstances). He is a big, lovable, derp of a dog.

Small dog: Cricket, Black Miniature Schnauzer, my mom's dog, very energetic and bouncy, even though she is getting older, extremely attention hungry. She officially loves my mom more than eating, and would get herself locked in a room with no food and water, because she worried mom might go into that room in a few minutes without her.

Other small dog: Tucker, Silver miniature Schnauzer, the one neither of the other dogs claim to know or associate with in public. He has (genuine) OCD, anxiety, phobias, and a fear of smooth floors (no really, he is genuinely terrified of smooth floors. I don't think he understands them), but also very lovable, very... entertaining when he is playing or relaxing, and very people-focused. Good dog/10.

Only just got back from playing squash....but as you insisted! We have approximately seven million photos and videos of the's one from last Christmas!

Here's one from almost exactly two years ago, when Oona was a puppy...practising for the way she often comes back from walkies!

Westies are lovely dogs, very gentle and fun although they can be quite stubborn - they are terriers after all.