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Sold SUHR Modern Pro HH - NOW £1899!

Shreddy Krueger

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I don't think that I've ever truly appreciated the phrase 'reluctant sale' quite as much as I do at the minute. This was the perfect guitar for me. The neck is to die for. Gets me everything from Jazz to Blues to Hendrix to AC/DC, Zep to Van Halen and beyond into Vai territory. Probably the most versatile guitar that I have ever owned, and I'll miss it until I'm in the position to buy and use another one.

Selling due to ill health. Here are the details:

Modern Pro HH - Bengal Burst
Stock pickups (check the Suhr product page for full details)
18 months old
Never gigged
Meticulously cared for, though the usual hairlines on the back and picking section, only visible via eye-level scrutiny under a direct light.
Locking trem
Tuning is rock solid

RRP £2,799
Selling for £2,250 (minus postage)

Feel free to collect in person, in which case you'll get a Suhr padded gig bag.
If we're using a courier, then I'll ship in an excellent condition Fender Pro Case worth £119 -- for free.

Courier to be arranged by buyer, but must include full tracking and insurance that covers both the full retail cost and, obviously, must be applicable to musical instruments.

Payment by cash, bank transfer (not credit cards), or Paypal (though there will be increase in cost to cover paypal transaction fees).

UK only, unless you're willing to take the risk of using an overseas courier.

And I think that's it. Feel free to contact me here or by PM to discuss. I can take high quality photos at all angles upon request -- just fire off a PM and let me know.

EDIT: If it were not obvious ... it's a floorboard reflection, folks (but point taken).



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Shreddy Krueger

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Had a rethink on this one. Now selling for £2k via cash/bank transfer only (ebay/reverb/paypal fees were pushing the price up). Minus shipping. Feel free to collect in person -- if so, you get a premium Suhr gig bag. If you want to arrange a fully covered courier, then I'll included a Fender hard case worth £119 - free of charge. Any questions, photo requests, etc -- feel free to drop me a line.