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For Sale/Trade Some of my Boss pedals (PS-5 , DS-1 , DD-2)


Addicted to Grunge
Hi everyone,

I'm currently selling some of my less used Boss pedals, as I just don't use them enough and with my folks and I moving in the near future, I could do with making some space.

To start, I have my Boss PS-5 Super Shifter, which is a pitch shift pedal and one I've never really been able to work into the music I enjoy. The pedal is in perfect working order and is in very good condition. Current prices online are around £78 - £108 , but as is the norm with me, I am happy to sell at a better price for the members of "our" forum. I'm wanting to get around £65 ONO

£65+P&P "ONO"

Finally we have my DS-1, which was the pedal Kurt Cobain used for most of the Bleach and Nevermind era. The pedal is in good condition, but only want £30 for it.


I am happy to do a deal for all 3 together. Can do paypal/bank transfer.


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