Some concerns with my ML3 Pro.....

Similarly titled as per the Ghost Fret Pro 7 as I have had some disappointments with my Chapman purchase too .....

Overall I really love this guitar - two highpoints being the stainless fretwork and the sound of the Madrigal humbuckers which develop a more articulate and individual sound than I would have hoped. So I don't regret the purchase , but -

First purchase from Guitar Guitar in the UK - the one I sent had such deep open grain on the back of the neck it was distracting. Yes there is always something in personal preference and a good satin urethane feels best to me but this was rough & uneven. I returned it for that same reason but was keen to try again.

So I went for a nearly new (2 months) old used purchase having (photographically) examined the nice smooth neck first. So very different & consistent.
However on receipt I was really pretty ****ed to discover the ebony fretboard had glue smeared around the upper frets across about a third of the board and glue drifting above and below the nut. Just plain careless and a mess.

Seems to me that the factory in Korea (World Guitars?) is having a real blip with quality control and am also amazed that the gluey one came out via Andertons in such a state.
The one from Guitar Guitar was totally unsetup and the truss rod completely without tension with a banana shaped neck - fortunately I could sort that without a problem but not everybody is OK with that.

To say again I think this is a truly great guitar and it achieves something unique at a reasonable price point just hope they can maintain quality control.
Photos in next post.


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Yup that is some pretty shitty clean up. Some lemon oil and synthetic wool should work off the gloss. Sadly I have seen that on many guitars, including a Ibanez Premium Indonesian made guitar I had, and a Charvel San Dimas. Doesn't make it ok, but not uncommon.
Chapman did reply to an email from me and seem to take the matter seriously - they suggested a sharp blade dragged over the glue at 90 degrees then re-oil - lemon oil presumably?


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Yeah you can also try a razor blade or exacto knife blade, put the blade at a 90 degree angle and scrape across the top of the fret board surface gently and carefully. Lemon oil may help soften the glue as well. Then use the synthetic wool to buff clean after