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SOLD - FS Chapman original modded ML-1


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Due to my back issues and GASing for another guitar I need to let go of this Frankenstein ML-1.

This guitar started life as an original run black ML-1 until the neck got smashed on its way to Anderton's.

I purchased this body with electronics from an Anderton's employee who saved it. I installed a left-handed Mighty Mite tele neck and I changed the left-handed but to a right handed nut. There are some scratches on the body. See photos.

2 IronGear Jailhouse II rail installed Bareknuckle Warpig (not included in the sale).
6way switch.

I had to get a luther to route out the humbucker cavity by about 3mm on one side.

Other bits included in the sale.
The two original single coil pickups.
The original humbucker.
The case.

I'm live in Reading, Berkshire, UK.


I will be posting this elsewhere but wanted to offer it to you guys first .

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