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Okay.. posting pics is still a nightmare. After telling the website I wasn’t a threat I managed to get these uploaded.

I’m always trying to change/evolve/progress with my work. It explains why the waiting list is so long I suppose... it seems to be paying off. The body above has been fun to do and unfortunately it’s one that you need to see and feel In the flesh to realise that it could actually be an old 50s body. The only detail missing is the smell. One of the details that is often overlooked by “relic specialists” (part time guys with rattle cans) is the randomness of wear that exists on a guitar. Trying not to be predictable and using the same tool (usually a dremel or blade) to make every single mark. Getting the nitro to sink into the wood, to make the checking seem as if it’s happened over decades and being brutal with the body should it require it.

It takes a while to learn to not make it look contrived and forced. It takes longer to get the most important part of all correct - the paint colour/style. Having watched the body above progress from a freshly cut body to the heavily aged piece of ash it is now has been a fascinating journey. And thankfully, there are many more to come.


SC Relics Guitars
Ah the “keeper”... we shall see. I’ve become rather fond of my sunbursts (which is why I have a boatload of customers sending me their freshly cut ash bodies to shoot bursts on). It appears the name is getting out there that we can make them look good... either as slightly aged or heavily aged. The neck for this one is going through paint right now. I took some light inspiration for this one and went down the route of an early 60s opaque sunburst which fender did to cover the blandness of the alder. The lighting is a little off here, the colours are more vibrant in the daylight. I’ve slightly aged the lacquer on this one... yip, ageing something doesn’t mean battering it. Trust me... this one has some ageing though ;)



SC Relics Guitars

Okay, it looks like I’ve cracked the upload thing. I’ll have plenty of pics for you all now.

Another alder thinline. This time it’s the marmite 3 tone opaque sunburst finish with some lacquer checking.

And for the record... we don’t use the razor blade method (which looks ridiculously predictable imo).


Subtly not giving a F*ck
I want my strat to be beat up like that. Unfortunately, it only gets played during recording or writing sessions....So it's good as new.