@Robstafarian appreciation thread.


Number of lost picks (2019 Season) = 1
Our mate@Robstafarian is feeling sad. :(

In order to cheer him up; we must unite and sing him a beautiful rendition of the song "Soft kitty".

You must post only one word from the song, then wait for someone else to post.
(The entire song has 15 words in it)


Number of lost picks (2019 Season) = 1
Ok, so to summarise the song into a nice easy to read format.

Soft Kitty
Warm Kitty
Fur Little
Purr Ball
Kitty Ball
Of Avatar Ball

No one would ever know this is a forum for musicians and guitarists!! :facepalm: :bat:

@Robstafarian if this doesn't demonstrate the need for you to get back here and bring us some structure then I don't know what will. You've only been gone for 6 hours and look what's happened :heart:

I'd ask a moderator to lock this thread, but seen as he was the one who begun the derailment, forget it :p:D