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Sold Rob Chapman Silverback with Robs Prototype 4x12 Cab


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Hey guys,

I'm selling my Silverback half stack for a few different reasons
1. I'm moving house in the new year.
2. It's quite loud.
3. Don't get much time to play guitar anymore.

So its Robs Signature amplifier with his own prototype 4x12 silverback cab.

The cabs unique due to the graphics on the front but its also rocking Celestion v30s.

The head is 50watts and I believe 25 in low power mode.

It needs more playtime then what its currently getting.

I'll post to the UK but local pickup around Northeast England would be preferred. But I can also drive so we can meet somewhere in the middle I guess haha

If its posted the buyer will pay the postage fees or I'll refund your money and not send it.

It will need new footswitches from victory since mine are broken but it does have a new guard for the controls.

Regards James

Not sure how much I want yet so just make me some sensible offers
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