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I've got this old Peavey generation series, its a tele shape, no pickguard and i want to put some paint on the very top edge and right at the bottom at the cutaway, I can use the stuff they have at 6th form if needed. Will i need to completely disassemble the guitar, or can i get away with taping up all the electronics? Also, how do i get rid of lacquer?? I've heard loads of different ways from just sanding it to stripping it with weak acid?!?! (theres no way im putting acid on my guitar) I want to keep the original paint on as well.

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I'm no expert on finishing but here's my 2 cents.

1. Weak acid is generally for removing poly finishes. You can use a thinner to remove lacquer but not sure how one would attack a small defined area. My personal preference would be sanding because it's the easiest to control. Are you sure the finish is lacquer?

2. Taping up the electronics and the fretboard should be fine if the work you're attempting is minor and you're confident in your skills. If the guitar is a bolt-on, I'd take the neck off at the least.

3. What are your plans for refinishing? And what is it you're exactly trying to do anyway? You can always spray a finish on top of another as long as there aren't any issues with regards to different kinds of finish. That way you're not touching the original layer.

Bear in mind that how good your mod will look will depend on how much time / effort you put into it.
A quickie job will look horrid and this isn't something that is (easily) reversible.

If you're doing this because you want a project that you can learn from then I'd say give it your best shot. If you're in this just because you want a cool looking guitar then I'd tell you to leave it be.

Paging @GloopyJon , @bad alice , @Wade Garrett for thoughts.
Not done anything with paints or stripping previous finishes, I'm afraid, so I have nothing here apart from wishes of good luck and a request to let us know how you get on! :)

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I've got a Peavey generation EXP tele. I like it. The body has a clear finish of poly - about a foot thick (well at least a mm) If your's is like that I'd go for sandpaper and patience. I roughed the back of the neck with a dish scourer and was pleased with the result but even that makes a lot of dust.


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I've stripped, refinished and rebuilt a few guitars but I really have no idea what you are trying to achieve. You'd need to explain in much greater detail for me to offer advice I'm afraid.