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That is sweet!

Grabbed a beautifully cleaned and sanded strat body last weekend for a custom project Mrs. Beans wants to paint.

But I've been eyeing this one on eBay, 2 days left. Seller uses reclaimed wood to make bodies. Cool stuff.
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I hate to say it, but that just looks like the average 2x4s you get at Lowes... I don't think anything was "reclaimed" there, but maybe that's just me being skeptical.

Fella going by "Mike Gee" made a lot of reclaimed wood guitars, from (allegedly) barnwood and such. Always neat, and he sold them on Reverb, but he used cheap Chinese parts and all, to keep the price down, and let you "upgrade as you wanted", from there, aaand doesn't seem to have any on there, anymore, so he may not even do them, nowadays.
Aaand it appears he started falling behind, took money without delivering instruments, and turned tail. Lovely.
Looked cool while they were around, though.