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For Sale PRS Mark Holcomb SE Whale Blue - (Brand New)

Josh Stead

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I've got this absolutely beautiful PRS Mark Holcomb in the limited edition whale blue satin finish, there are supposedly only 100 of these released, and only in Europe. I literally just bought it two weeks ago, and I'm sad to get rid of it. In a lot of ways I do love it but I bought it sight unseen having never played a PRS before, and honestly, it just doesn't agree with me. I love the way it looks, and good God do I love how it sounds, but my hands just aren't used to this kind of guitar.

I'm going to take it for a refund if I can, but I figured if someone buys it off of me before I give it back to Dawsons, that's no terrible thing! - Oh. I can only get store credit. Never mind then.

The Seymour Duncan Alpha & Omega pickups in this are fantastic. I think whatever guitar I get next, I might have to get a pair. They're tight and aggressive like you'd expect from a metal guitar, they purr and roar better than ye ol' faithful BKPs, what I didn't expect was the crystal clear, but characterful clean tones. Another nice surprise was the strat-like tone from the middle coil tapped position, that is extremely cool.

It's a fantastic guitar, but I think I'm going back to my old comfortable home of Ibanez.

The guitar is £899 new, but I got it on sale for £849, so as close to that as possible, Ideally. I'm in Doncaster on weekdays, and I'll be in Manchester over the weekend for collections, or I can arrange shipping.


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Josh Stead

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Turns out I can't get a cash return, only store credit and Dawsons doesn't really have anything I want, sooooo, now this is just generally for sale.

Case obviously included, and it comes with a jack lead and a truss wrench too.


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Why not get the store credit and wait for something to come that you do like. Is there anything in particular you are looking for?

Also, 2 weeks is a short time to get used to a guitar. You could always keep it longer, play it. I found, in the end, you can get used to anything.

Josh Stead

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Because if I take the store credit I'm left with no guitar, and only credit to use in an arguably inferior guitar shop. If I sell the guitar, I have money I can spend anywhere. I'm looking for a specific model.

Sure, I imagine I could get used to it, but I have other guitars I'm used to. I want to find something, especially at this price range, that feels right. This guitar does not feel right for me.

Nothing wrong with that, it's a perfectly great guitar, but not every guitar is for every person.