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Sold PRS 245


Stop, don’t, come back.

this is on Gumtree as well - had one enquiry, but was a trade and i am looking for the cold, hard monies

£1250 (or very close offer)

2007 PRS 245 in Blue. lovely flaminess, fat/wide neck. just played it and i am torn listing it for sale. it sounds mint

note # 1 - bridge volume pot died so replaced with a solid Alpha pot. and the pickups are Dragon IIs

this guitar is a bit of a dream to play and this is not a "must sell" situation, so if i can't get near the target price i won't mind keeping it

note # 2 - shipping. not a problem, ipost do a good job and insure. but you'd have to bear in mind this is in a PRS case

2679b8c2-f659-4fc9-bf84-a0215891521d.jpg 7741ea09-8406-442e-b5ac-e80c6a061371.jpg
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