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For Sale PRICE DROP - 1994 Ibanez RG450 (Korean)

Hi guys, wanting to shift this (in order to buy something else, you know how it is :D) - according to the serial number it's a 1994 Samick-made RG450, in metallic emerald green. It's in excellent condition, a small scratch on the back lower bout and about a 4-5mm ding by the vibrato cavity on the front but otherwise fine. Comes with vibrato bar, will post to you (in gig bag and two cardboard guitar boxes with mucho bubblewrap) for £325....£300.

EDIT: realised the strings were a bit manky so have restrung with a shiny new set of D'Addario .009s

SECOND EDIT (it's a Hobbit thing): price reduced to £300

(btw this is also on eBay but thought I'd put it up here too)

Ibanez RG450-1.jpg
Ibanez RG450-2.jpg

cheers :)
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