Pedal for cleaning up an amplifier


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Hello all,

I currently am on the search for a pedal which I can use to clean up the front end of my amp. I have a two channel amp but I really do prefer a "saturated clean" rather than the dry Fender cleans my amps clean channel gives me.
I'm looking for something that will decrease gain but not presence to get a chimey clean tone, hence why turning down the volume isn't very affective.

My amp is a Peavey Classic 30 an El84 based amp and I would say I'd be running it with a Malcom Young amount of gain.
There are tons of options, EQ pedals, compressors, Boosts, Attenuators (EHX signal pad) and I was wondering what you amazing people would recommend.
Thanks in advanced ;)


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I recently tried the Spark Booster from TC Electronic, and using the Clean setting, you could turn up the Level and adjust the Gain to suit. It retains the top end beautifully - I use a Fender Blues Junior so it's in a similar ballpark to the Classic 30.



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Treble bleed cap for your guitar -means you can use your volume pot... Cheaper than the above, although they're all great suggestions!
Best Pedal I have ever used for this exact purpose is a PROEL DS-10... a great pedal. Italian made, and adds clarity and articulation with ZERO tone loss! Used with a 'boomy' Tweed Deluxe (a typical 5e3 vintage trait) it sounds like you have swapped the speaker for a Celestion Blue! Forget that it says 'Distortion' on front - this is a truly amazing transparent drive/EQ and noise suppressor in one Great pedal...