NGD - jumped into the modeling pool. Mooer GE-300

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No, I did not sign at an agency to strut myself down a runway or pose with pouty lips. The 50yr old, semi-dad bod with thinning hair market is limited. :hug:

Rather, I sold a couple of 'vintage' unused rack mount processors, a revitalized Washburn N2, drum machine, and rotovibe pedal. Each were awesome at gathering dust. These financed a Mooer GE-300.

Problems I'm trying to solve:

1. Not having to lug a 2x12, pedal board, sometimes an EVH 5153 50w, and guitar(s) to Thursday evening rehearsal and subsequent 7am Sunday morning worship service
2. Eliminate gear I do not use any longer
3. Increase the options of sounds/tones/effects
4. Ease of use with recording equipment
5. Have a piece of gear that will solve all the above while being somewhat affordable. I simply cannot justify the expense for Kemper or Fractalish things.

Portability, Flexibility, Longevity

First impressions. Holy moley there is a LOT of awesome in there. Amps, cabs, mics, pedals of all flavors, loops, levels, and this synthy thing.

I haven't played much other than through a pair of vintage Realistic Nova 40 headphones I've had since I was kid to spare my family the agony of playing the same noodles over and over whilst scrolling through the various prebuilt programs.

A couple of existing programs were tweaked and saved via the board to start to familiarize myself with the interface. The Windows software has not been used...yet.

Of all things I plugged one of the outputs into a JBL Partybox 300 speaker/PA and smiled largely.

In short, this will do QUITE well.


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I've always been curious about the new Mooer Modelling stuff, but never had a chance to try it. I used to sell loads of the mini pedals when they were first released. Those were not all very good. Some were awesome and some sucked...hard. I'm especially curious about the amp models. That might be interesting to me in the future.

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A part of me is still really attracted to modellers and this new Mooer has me thinking about it again. I've still got my Palmer power amp so I might hook up my HD500 again to play about a bit and see if I can try some more up to date modellers out whenever I can get to a big city to check them out.

Wade Garrett

I am the projectionist.
The difference between the hd500 and helix is huge.
Yes. No competition there.

The Helix, Kemper, Atomic Amplifier and Axe Fx are in different league.
I'd love to try all of them. My first modeller was some blue coloured Behringer thing, then the Pod XT and finally the HD500. You could track how much better was getting through those units and they're as old as sin now. I used to use the HD500 through a powered PA cab for a while, it was the quietest rig in terms of hiss I've ever used.


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As long as you do full modeling helix is great his wise. If you use an external gain pedal or Pre amp its a bit harder to keep under control. It’s the only thing I didn’t like about the hx effects.

The kemper is great with external pedals and Pre amps. I’ve got a 4 cable method like thing running with the Fuchs and while it’s noisier then just profiles or just the amp it’s working so well I haven’t bothered with i/o volumes to get the noise down.

It’s a shame kemper is still so expensive. For a unit that’s years old it’s quality and workflow are still great. It was way ahead of its time