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It’s been a bit since I’ve been here yet wanted to share a new acquisition.

Took the plunge and tried a Harley Benton; a SC350 GT P90 from Thomann.

This is my first P90 guitar and I’m impressed. $175 shipped.

Beefy neck profile. Like that!

The gold color is more copperish than gold. Oh well. It’s growing on me.

The meh:

Pickguard/scratch plate is flimsy plastic and rough between the pickups. Sanded it down and kept it off.

Tuners are meh. Backlash is terrible. Replaced with a $20 set of Wilkinsons.

Nut is plastic. In due time.

I added a string butler and am a fan to that point I added them to ALL my single cut 3x3 guitars.



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Happy new Lester day!

How does this compare to yours? I seem to recall yours being more of a exact copy of the LP body type, while Bob's seems to have a bulkier bulge on the top of the body (bass side) and a more outward and gradual cutaway.
Mine was the first version, it's more if a traditional Les Paul shape.

If I recall correctly the new shape has a re shaped heel with better fret access too.
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That’s nice!!
Just to add to the Harley Benton love...
I have a cst 24 semi hollow. There’s a thread here somewhere.. anyway it was a B stock, the fret ends weren’t great, and the tuners are rubbish but you know what.. it’s an awesome guitar!
It’s so good in a moment of weakness I ordered a cst 24 paradise flame as well. It was beautiful, really beautiful however the nut was cut far to low, so the action was way to high. It went back. Thomann customer service was perfect, full refund no questions.
I think I’m trying to say I like Thomann, and for the money you can’t beat a Harley Benton...
There’s a purple strat style HH config with Wilkinson bridge that might get bought one night after several beers!!

Speedin Bob

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Decided to opt for replacing the pickups with a set of IronGear platinum 90’s

Waiting on their availability currently.

Really digging this guitar.

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