New Amp Alert! Hughes & Kettner Black Spirit 200


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Bea's done a pretty cool video with Joss. Very interested in the new Red Box. been using the one in the back of my Deluxe 20 for the last year or so and it's very useful. Might go and check that out.


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I had to search for the thread a bit. Rabea did a review of it.. man that’s a lot better then the clips they originally came out with.

With the katana, nextone, this amp.. I honestly think we’ll look back at 2018 and 2019 and say thats when the first amps that really managed to work Well without tubes came out.


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The effects make the unit more expensive and complicated. The floorboard is not cheap and is another piece of gear to take with you. I think this unit would easily fit in a floorboard.