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For Sale Nearly all of my guitars + amps

I know that this is a long shot because of my location, pretty far from most of you, but I probably need to sell most of my guitar gear in the coming months and I wanted to give you guys the first refusal Of course, guitars can always be shipped although I prefer to do things hand-to-hand where possible. I will be in the UK in August, so I could potentially bring a couple of them over with me then.

I think that the only guitar I will definitely keep is the PRS CU24, although I'd probably also keep the other PRS and the guitars that I made on my 2nd Crimson course and the Ambler course. I will also keep the Katana amp and probably my Fender bass amp. All of the other guitars and amps will probably be up for grabs.

Here are the lists.

Guitars that I have bought:
PRS Custom 22 (although I'm in two minds about this, as mentioned)
Jaden Rose Glaive
Chapman ML-2 [£300]
Chapman Ghost Fret (original run with the SD pickups) [£450]
Fender Pawn Shop '72 [£450]
Epiphone Rosso Corsa ** RESERVED ** (until August) [£525]
Duesenberg Starplayer ** RESERVED ** (until August)
Lag Arkane
Brian May Special in black & gold
Yamaha APX-4A electro-acoustic
Chapman MLB-1, first run (not totally sure about this one either)
Old (probably Chinese) strat copy - this is not very good and will more likely end up in the bin but it looks nice and does play, so it might be worth someone's while.

My builds
** Only putting for sale here guitars that are in good nick and play well. The padauk strat, for example, isn't one I'd feel comfortable about selling as a decent instrument. **
** Build threads are linked **
Sunrise fretless bass
Crazy 12-string hollow bodied guitar
Baritone "The Freak"
Pencil Tele, when it is finished
Resin River Guitar, when it is finished - this is at an early stage so if anyone is interested, they can still choose all of the hardware

** Both amps have seen very little use and are in perfect condition **
Marshall Silver Jubilee 2525 head [£450]
Victory V40

Photos and more details about all guitars are on my website, Gloopy Guitars.

Prices...I will determine prices as and when people express interest in items, and have updated this post to include those that have been worked out. I'm located in Belgium, near Brussels, so that might be accessible for a very small number of you; otherwise, we'd have to factor in shipping costs although that's not too bad.

I haven't decided whether to keep or sell my pedals yet. Most or all of them are listed on the My Gear section of my website so you can always go and have a look and tell me if your life is incomplete without one of them.

This does not mean that I will be stopping playing guitar (or building them, hopefully), but it looks like I may be moving soon and it's a good time to have a damned good clear out.
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Take a look here.

It's a lovely guitar; I got it with a bit of a discount because it has a small flaw on the surface, which was in the wood when Jaden planed it back. I don't mind it at all. It's super slim and a real shredder, with Oil City pickups.

Normal price for that model was £2300 but I got it for £1500 because of the flaw. I'd be happy with something around a grand or so, if you're interested.


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Just out of curiosity, regarding the pedals. If you were to sell, what would ask for the TC Electronic MojoMojo, Dark Matter and the MXR Smartgate.
The pawn shop cost me €799 new and it's in perfect condition, and the Marshalls are currently £689 new. I reckon something like £450 each is fairly friendly (there's a Pawn Shop on Ebay now at £600, and a 2525H at £549). At those prices, I think shipping would have to be extra.


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The pawn shop cost me €799 new and it's in perfect condition, and the Marshalls are currently £689 new. I reckon something like £450 each is fairly friendly (there's a Pawn Shop on Ebay now at £600, and a 2525H at £549). At those prices, I think shipping would have to be extra.
I'll DM at some point today, once my head has cleared been working nights.

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This feels kinda mercenary if you're having to sell because of negative issues.

Having said that, do you have figures in mind for the Ghost Fret ML2, or Rosso Corsa?
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Dude, don't worry about being mercenary - I'm the one who's putting these up for sale!

Bearing in mind what they cost me, their condition (all are pretty much perfect) and looking at ebay prices, I would say something like the following:
Ghost fret - £450
ML2 - £300
Rosso Corsa - £525

All of them have whatever cases and case candy they came with - I think that means that the GF and the RC have hard cases, the ML-2 doesn't have a case. Shipping extra.


Were I in the area, I'd already have bought the Ghost Fret and seriously considered the Jaden. I'm sorry to hear that your recent circumstances have necessitated this sale. :(

Best of luck!


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Hi Jon. Sorry to hear about the sales. Stay strong mate.
I would like the Corsa. I regret not picking one up back in the day.
Will you be in the UK before 25th Aug? I will be on holiday after that and I don't really trust couriers.

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Hiya, I'm planning to be in the UK probably around August 4-11. It's possible that I will also come over in July but that's only a vague thought. I'll be mostly in Gloucestershire, but travelling to and from Folkestone (Channel Tunnel) on the way, if any of that is near you.