MonkeyFest review on Live4guitar


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Great stuff, you definitely got the spirit of the event down :)

I couldn't help but notice Merlene photobombing Jess getting her Strat signed by Guthrie...
Cheers mate, I've seen you have registered on our marketplace. Are you about to do some lessons?
I am, mate. I was talking to Chris yesterday to see what had been covered more extensively regarding 7's and the like, and since he told me not much has been approached in that aspect, I'll be focusing on that. :)

Also, how easy was I to spot with a FredTheShred handle? :bounce:
This is a really kool summary of the whole event.

Also thank you for including me in the YouTube video :D. even though i sucked.
Oh my lord. I haven't seen 'cool' spelled like that in ages :D And also, epic video. Lol at me standing awkwardly during the interview thingy at the start though XD Man, you didn't suck, epic PG chops :p


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Why did I think JamesNewmarch was Tal? Looks awesome anyway, great round-up of stuff. Wish I had gone now, it's a shame it clashed with stuff. Next year though. :3

I love your shots of Guthrie and Rob's reactions whilst Jess Lewis is owning Wonderful Slippery Thing.