ML3 Bea Neck pickup


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Hello all!

I'm looking at replacing the pickups in my ML3 Bea soon, and I was wondering if the neck pickup on my Bea is tele or strat sized? It'll be a Duncan hot rails or lil 59, and I notice the size difference between the tele and strat is noticeable. It looks like a tele pickup, but I want to confirm before I buy anything


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I believe these are Strat sized pickups. I have the same guitar and am looking to swap pups too. Thinking a Warpig in the bridge (do you happen to know the pole spacing on the bridge pickup?) and either a Lil '59 or a Pearly Gates in the neck. This is a fantastic feeling guitar...I just would like a bit more clarity out of the pups. Good luck with your swap.


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You'll have to be more specific on which of the two Bea Sigs you have. The older one had a Floyd and the newer one has a fixed bridge.
I think the ML1-Bea had a Floyd (correct me if I’m wrong). I have the ML3-Bea and it’s a Wilkinson wave 2-point trem. Measure from the centre of the high E to the low E string (above the bridge pickup). If it is around 53-54 mm, it’s the wide spacing. If it is 50mm or a bit less, it’s the standard spacing Humbucker. I will go measure my ML3-Bea and post back
Let me know how it goes with the neck pickup swap. Read another post about the troubles of trying to install a lil 59. Just got my lil 59 and BK Holy Diver for my Ml3 Bea and will swap them when I get the chance. Just hoping someone had success installing a new neck pickup that isn't a single coil. I think the stock humbucker sounds great but the stock neck pickup is pretty weak in my opinion so that would blow if it couldn't be swapped without doing some internal wood carving.