ML2 pro traditional ? What would it be for you?

I like the ml2 pro, but I'd really love a traditional version: 22 frets, shorter scale. Played around with gimp and the picture from thomanns. Left is original scale, right is a shorter version, which I'd buy instantly. It could even have a 0.5cm thicker body for me :)
What would it need for you to be an ml2 pro "traditional"?
ml2 pro traditional comapre.png
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I don’t know why this thread didn’t receive any replies. Is this one of those threads that is considered dead already?
seems I was the only one to want an ml2 pro tradish. As time went by, it unfortunately did not bring such a model. So i went an bought the ml2 pro modern. I love it, but always think about it being a little shorter and havin only 22 frets so I'm always a little unsatisfied :-/


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I have an ml2 from the Korean run. I love the fret access and how comfortable the neck is. But I’m also curious if a 22 fret version would have been better in terms of neck dive. I do like the body as it is, so I wouldn’t vote for a thicker one.


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This is the first I’ve seen of this thread.

4 control knobs, traditional toggle placement, 24.75” scale, thicker body.

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