ML-1 Pro Modern - Loose Volume Poti


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Hi there,

it seems that the volume poti of my ML-1 Pro Modern got a bit loose. Normally I would remove the knob and tighten the nut, but I can't seem get it off on the ML-1.
Maybe it's glued or something? I don't have any tool small enough to get between the guitar and the knob to tighten it that way, either. Anyone got an idea?

Also the potis seem to crack when turning. I once fixed it temporarily using contact spray, but the issue came back quickly.

Le Pfaeff


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I managed to carefully loosen the knob using a piece of cloth and a screwdriver as a lever. Then I was able to pull it off with my hand.

Anyone got an idea about the cracking, though?


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I was going to suggest the contact cleaner spray. I would suggest replacing the pot. Just make sure to get the correct size, rating (500k), taper type, shaft length and style (probably split shaft). This is also a good opportunity if you want to do an upgrade, and get a high-end pot if you want to spend a bit extra. However, if this is a new purchase, i'd go back to the store and ask them to replace it.