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For Sale Mesa Boogie Lonestar head and Zilla Fatbaby £1100


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Howdy y’all, I didn’t think I’d be doing this but I’d like to see if there is any interest in my current setup.

I purchased the head last year from a member of another forum who has a vast collection of lovely Boogies . About the same time, I ordered a fatbaby 1 x 12 cab from Paul at Zilla. After a few chats we agreed that a matching head and cab in sea foam green tolex with tan leather corners would be the way to go. Basket weave grill cloth and white piping finish the look nicely.

The cab is essentially an oversized 1 x 12 enclosure with a celestion V30 in it. Plenty of bottom end and sits nicely with the head.

The head itself is the updated version of the Lonestar so you get 10/50/100 on each channel with separate wattage options per channel as well as spring reverb. It is just back from Tony Hamilton in Belfast where it was re biased, had the reverb tank fixed and checked over for any other issues.

Im not a gigging musician so rest assured it is immaculate throughout. I’m sure the speaker isn’t even broken in yet. I have little to force me to sell it but I am after something specific (which I can get later this year anyway).

Not after trades anymore.

Price wise it’ll be £1100 plus shipping. I’m not willing to split these tbh, as I’m sure you can appreciate.

Ta for reading and if you need any info just let me know.

A43E3965-9531-410D-B558-65E0D3C9AAB0.jpeg 2741B3F5-16BB-4B82-A2C5-223D7CE73BDE.jpeg
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