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For Sale/Trade Marshall JVM 205c

Swift - natch

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As I have moved to pedal drive, I have no need for this anymore.

Here are the main specs:
50 watt valve (EL34 and 12AX7)
2x12 Vintage and Heritage speakers
2 channels with three modes per channel JTM 45 cleans to hot-rodded filth
Independent reverb for each channel
Dual Master volumes
Full Midi capabilities
Serial and parallel effects loops which again are both switchable
Really clever footswitch, works either in preset mode (recalling button settings) or to remotely switch individual buttons (eg reverb on/off, switching between two masters, fx loop in or out)

This has just had a re-valve and service and I'm not planning on using it again so you know you're getting fresh glass!

I would like to sell this for £750, but will trade for a vox ac15 plus cash my way.

Buyer collects from Nottingham area, or will drive up to an hour for diesel money.
Further pics to be uploaded depending on interest.