Lyle Watt @ MonkeyFest


The Mango Man
That was freakin' awesome! Will you be posting your whole set?
Really wanted to watch at MF but didn't feel right walking out of Fred's clinic lol


Not Enough Prog
What is terrifying about Lyle is that even though this playing is so tasteful, so technical and just incredible, this is NOTHING compared to when he is just jamming, he really holds back in his music which is a special skill in itself.

Incredible playing, all of the touch, taste and tone of Andy Timmons with a special, original dose. Love to see this track with a band mate.


Guardian Of The Old Blues Brigade
Superb Lyle, just wish I had been there to see you mate.

Can't wait to see where your career takes you.
I have thought from the very first video I seen of Lyle's that he has the ability to go right to the top and I think that even more so now.