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Feeler Looking for some chapmans


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Hey guys it's been a long time since I've posted anything but I'm looking for a few guitars. I'll have to pace myself in buying these due to having a mortgage now.
Depending on the guitar/price I'll be buying 1 every few months until I have all of these starting from the 18th December when I get paid

But here's the list -

Chapman ml1 Chinese model first run (fully original hopefully with the gigbag and certificate) (now locked in)

Chapman Chinese ml1 to modify (any condition)

Chapman ml3rc in satin red stock

Chapman ml3 traditional in blue the first few runs out of the Korean factory not the new Pro stuff.

Chapman ml2 Black cherry from the first few Korean runs (now locked in)

Chapman ghost fret in blue with Duncans fully stock (now locked in)

Chapman ghost fret in the special edition run of gloss Black with the Duncans

Chapman ml2 classic gold top Korean run

This will be a slow process to find them all so any leads will be good especially on the Chinese ml1s and the gloss black ghost fret special run

Hope everyone's well


Regards James
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