Kemper & amp routing or switching options


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I started out in the quick question thread to ask who has experience with channel switchers..
The simple case would be to allow me to switch between using my amp standalone, or using the kemper as pre-amp and the fuchs as power amp (my default setup now)

But then I thought.. If i have more ports, I can plug in my guitar into a switcher and have it handle all the routing. Might be expensive though:

But then I thought... What if... I can use the kemper OR the fuchs pre-amp. Go through the kemper for effects, and then go to the power amp.
So connect guitar to kemper. Use boost/drive effects (if I'd want to) Have the fuchs pre-amp in an FX loop to get the pre-amp. Go back to the kemper for delay etc. and then go to the power amp. Allowing me to select the fuchs pre-amp as an effect, or just bypassing it if I use a kemper profile.
I'm not sure hot to set this up though..

What do you guys think?


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May I ask 2 things? Were you bored? and...why do you want to complicate things that much?
Ha! At the start I just wanted to make it possible to play purely through the amp by clicking on a switch. The cables are hard to reach in my setup. I decided to draw it to get the design properly in my mind. And then I kinda went down the rabbit hole.
I don't want to complicate stuff needlessly. I'm perfectly happy with just the amp and a bit of reverb. I don't need the kemper fx. As for the kemper, I use the amp as power stage so I do need that link.

But IF it's possible to do it without buying new stuff AND making it possible to switch by just selecting a preset that would be kinda cool.

I might have been bored.


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LOL. Wouldn't you have to put the Fuchs in an FX loop in the Kemper. Kind of a 4CM thing, but using the Kemper as the main amp in stead of the Fuchs to be able to bypass the Fuch's preamp?


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So my only reference doing this is with HX Effects. Put the Fuchs in the send/return of the Kemper. Send the Kemper's main out to the Fuchs FX return. Plug guitar into Kemper. Then in a Kemper preset you would have to be able to turn on or off that loop to be able to go through the Fuchs preamp or poweramp. Something like that. I don't know if that type of switching is possible with the Kemper.


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It was as easy as that.
Set it up in a couple of minutes.. After having drawn out the routing the hard work was done. The kemper does it noiseless and I just needed to match up the volume to make it part of my collection.

The funny part is that it underlines how good those profiles are. The big advantage is being able to tweak gain settings on the amp. But feeling and sound wise, the profiles aren't different