Gibson Les Paul studio 2002


I... I like trees.
I it possible or do you know,if there is a trem arm to fit. Don't want to put holes or mod. Just a straight bolt on mod? Thanks. Rik.
I second the suggestion of a Duesenberg Les Trem 2, for sure.

Here's a lovely little video of Mr. Peter Honoré demoing and installing one.
Is there a decent roller bridge, that isn't silly . I bought one a while back but its not good. Thanks.
If this is because of tuning stability issues after fitting the Trem then I suggest at looking at the nut first. Try some pencil graphite in the slots as a low-key ‘solution’. After that check whether the slots of the nut and bridge are smooth or rough. Another open door is stretching the strings appropriately. You do not necessarily ‘need’ a roller bridge with a trem to get some stability

Pictured above is my Studio Lite, with ‘standard’ Tune-o-matic. It has some supposedly low friction saddle, but for the love of it I don’t notice a difference over my LP Standard’s factory tune-o-matic. I could update on the specs later, got the boxes at home!
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