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Further cull?


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Hey @doctorpaul could you do me a massive favour. Rember the bloke you sold sparrow too could you tell him if he needs any funds in the future could you pass on my contact details. Thanks mate. Also ill send the £200 on the 26th july cheers pal appreciate it. You must have sold quite a bit now then eh ?


Number of lost picks (2019 Season) = 1
I keep looking at which guitar I should relieve @doctorpaul of next. On my journey to poverty. I made this handy list.

Marvin £2300 (SOLD)
Norah £700 (SOLD)
Merlot £700 http://doctorpaul.wixsite.com/guitars/merlot
Scott £800 (SOLD)
Matt £600 http://doctorpaul.wixsite.com/guitars/matt
Mollusk £900 http://doctorpaul.wixsite.com/guitars/about2
Casey £800 http://doctorpaul.wixsite.com/guitars/copy-of-tony
Damascus £1000 http://doctorpaul.wixsite.com/guitars/damascus
Enzo £600 http://doctorpaul.wixsite.com/guitars/enzo
Brownie £1300 (SOLD)
Hex £800 http://doctorpaul.wixsite.com/guitars/hex
Bruce £600 http://doctorpaul.wixsite.com/guitars/bruce
Googolplex £900 (SOLD)
Suzi £1000 http://doctorpaul.wixsite.com/guitars/suzi
Orion £650 (SOLD)
Tango £700 http://doctorpaul.wixsite.com/guitars/tango
Mildred £1000 http://doctorpaul.wixsite.com/guitars/mildred
Myth £400 (SOLD)
Virgil £150 (SOLD)
Thor £250 http://doctorpaul.wixsite.com/guitars/thor
Genesis £850 (SOLD)
Lily £600 (SOLD)
Sparrow £700 (SOLD)
Angus £500 http://doctorpaul.wixsite.com/guitars/angus
Nancy £600 (SOLD)
Seventeen £800 http://doctorpaul.wixsite.com/guitars/seventeen
Jonah £700 http://doctorpaul.wixsite.com/guitars/jonah
Allan £700 http://doctorpaul.wixsite.com/guitars/allan
Lola £1300 http://doctorpaul.wixsite.com/guitars/lola
Pussy £700 http://doctorpaul.wixsite.com/guitars/pussy
Achtund £800 http://doctorpaul.wixsite.com/guitars/achtund
Siebenhund £700 (SOLD)
Vierhund £500 http://doctorpaul.wixsite.com/guitars/vierhund