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For Sale Fender Stratocaster Parts


Addicted to Grunge
Hi guys, as I am getting myself a new Strat that will go with my Les Paul Custom, I've decided that I'm going to strip down my Mex Stratocaster that I made into a sorta Strat Plus replica.

To start, my Mex Strat body is an Alder body circa 2014, in Lake Placid Blue. Over all it's in pretty good condition for it's age.

After checking online for how much these are worth, (£170-£230) , I am happy to sell for £150 ONO +PP

Next we have the Lace Sensor Pickups. It's a set of three Lace Sensor Gold pickups and they have a workable amount of cable left, as I didn't chop too much off. These cost about £170+ for a set, but I am happy to take £130 ONO +PP

It would be easier to just send the pickguard as a whole, so I will throw the TBX pot in for free.

As a special deal for the forum boards, I'll sell the whole lot for £240+PP


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Addicted to Grunge
The neck on this guitar is a natural finish Squire neck with black tuners, which amazingly hold tune!

It's an maple neck with rosewood board. It's really nice and slim and it really playable. I'm after £95+PP for the lot.


Addicted to Grunge

The natural finish Squire neck and tuners are also available to buy.

I am willing to work out a deal to buy the whole guitar is anyone wants to buy it.