EMG Solderless Kit

Can't recommend this enough.

In about 2013 my passive pickups got taken out by an electrical surge in the house; it wasn't plugged in or anything just went FTTZ and stopped working.

So I got the EMG HET Set which came with an EMG Solderless kit.
The pots you get are dead quiet when adjusting; no noise or buzzing at all.
The only soldering I had to do on the install was to wire up the pickup selector; everything else literally plug and play.

And Just now I changed my guitar from Master Volume + Master Tone to Neck Volume + Bridge Volume in like 10 minutes.
I didn't even read the manual or anything... put the output directly to the jack plug, swap out tone for volume pot, put volume pots between the pickups and the board. done.

Another further recommendation that to put a latch switch on the positive battery wire between the battery and the board. I was going through a battery a month before this, even with the jack unplugged it was somehow still losing power - now it's a battery a year.



Subtly not giving a F*ck
And I couldn't agree more. I'm a total n00b when it comes to soldering. I also installed EMG's multiple times. I believe they currently also offer the switches with the solderless system, so that removes ANY need for soldering completely.