Deal Of The Day! The Bargain thread...

Wade Garrett

I am the projectionist.
I picked up a BC Rich Bronze series Warlock two weeks ago from a local second-hand/pawn shop...for £30.

OK, the strings are rustier than Nurgle's codpiece, the wiring needs resoldering and there's a couple of dents, but the neck's straight and it has very thick sound. And did I mention it was £30? :D
I love those kind of finds, it's so satisfying to fix them up and make them into proper players.


On the edge of breakup
For those of you into recording and using plugins:

Waves has half off all plugins right now. Not sure how long it lasts, but definitely some good deals in there!
I am into recording - but I have dropped Waves plugins. They may seem "cheap" but soon you are caught in their WUP-trap - and then you start to pay over price for them.

Waves plugins are on sale all year round and their "MSP"-prices are lies.

Most of their plugins are good - but identical plugins can be found from other vendors at better prices.
I'm happy with them, as are a lot of people that are professionals that I've worked with. I'm just an amateur, but the price is right and they get the results I like.

That said, I've found decent free ones as well. The TSE BOD is amazing AND free :D