(De)Gaussing Pickups

ed lespaul

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I know a few people here have been less than pleased with Will Gelvin's YouTube channel, but I have learned a bunch of things from him. I just skip the videos of his non-guitar related stuff.

I watched one of his videos about shrill sounding single coil pickups, and about degaussing them with a magnet. If the pickup sounds like it has too much treble to the point it's sounds shrilly, you wave a magnet over it so that the polarity repels the magnet, which degausses them. Of courses this makes them weaker, but gets rid of that nasty sound.

I have a Duncan Designed single coil pickup in the neck position of one of my guitars, and I was never thrilled with it, by any means. It was low volume, and just dull. I figured I'd give re-guassing the pickup a shot, .

I busted out some rare earth magnets that I bought off Amazon a while ago. I used 6 magnets together (because that's how they came out of the box), and checked if it was attracted to the pickup magnets. They were. I waved them over the magnets for about a minute. Tested the pickup, and it sounded much better. Louder, less muddy.

I did it again, and I got the single coil into about the same level as the humbucker level, without the muddy sound that it had before. Sweet!!!

I doubt I will be using that pickup much in the future, but I know that it's there when I need it, and it works better than before with minimal effort.

It's great to know that you can adjust the sound of your single coil pickups with the wave of magnets, either brighter and stronger, or less shrill.


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he can be a bellend, and digs holes he can't get out of - thus he has a "new" channel...

however, i have learned a lot of guitar maintenance and building from WEG

he's incredibly clever, but also obviously incredibly frustrated and frustrating