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WTB Cornford roadhouse 30 head.....


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I own the combo, most venues I play in these days have a house 212 or a 412, which is usually to decent standard so I was thinking of getting the head just for a of ease. Don't know if you've ever owned a cornford or a victory but the pine they use for the boxes make them really heavy. It's something to do with killing the mid range in the vintage 30 speaker. The roadhouse 30 combo is bloody heavy. I appreciate you keeping an eye out for me though. I would go to £400 plus postage but £500 plus postage is to much.
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Genuinely that is a great amp, someone should buy it.
Higgy, Cornford were the amps Martin Kidd was involved with before he set up Victory Amps right? If my memory serves me right, they are pretty uncommon to come across?

I'll keep an eye out for you. Oxford is really handy to pick up quality gear secondhand, due to students typically flogging off their gear so they can pay the rent, or just don't want to take them back home at the end of term.