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For Sale Cornell Romany Custom 10w/2.5w handwired loveliness...

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bad alice

Easily distracted and...OHLOOKAGUITAR!!!
Genuinely a reluctant sale but I’m looking to change my rig in readiness for playing live.
I’m happy to talk more about my plans but can I ask we do that elsewhere and keep this thread free for interested parties?
Cheers guys.

The amp:
This is a one-off handwired custom Cornell Romany Custom made by Dennis Cornell that uses his much famed and admired Romany circuit http://www.cornellamps.com/products/cornell-romany-12/ but with some cool adjustments. I spoke with Dennis via email and he informed me this amp was made as a special order for a customer 15 years ago.
TL;DR: If you want a clean amp for home use to takes pedals like you hear in your dreams? This is THAT amp.
Here’s a demo of how it sounds with a 10” speaker
Instead of a 10" speaker this one has a 12" Celestion Greenback a hard/soft switch which gives me the output options of 10w/2.5w. It also comes in Cornell's "Rambler" casing which means the control panel is on the front (another thumbs up; I keep my amps on a stand - so they slant backwards - and faffing about blindly altering the settings on a top loaded is a royal PITA. It features a JJ EVC83S in the preamp section Mesa Boogie 6L6 in the power amp and also has a Svetlana 12AX7 valve powered effects loop. The amp was retolexed in cream with an oxblood grille cloth and cream chicken head knobs added plus the speaker upgraded by Hoffnine. The amp was then serviced by Flynn Amps (Glasgow) in the Summer last year.
The cleans on this thing are IMMENSE and it is, without doubt, the best pedal platform I’ve ever had the joy of playing.

£700 Now £600 ONO *no trades*

I’m based in Helensburgh so collection preferred but I might be able to meet at a train station in the Helensburgh -> Glasgow line. I will send this EU wide but at your risk and expense. I’ll need a few days to source a double wall box and packaging but I’ll make sure it’s packed as safely as possible.

Please fire over a PM to chat more.


(Pics below because of RCF file uploading issues)
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