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Sold Chapman ML1-Bea


A confused lysdexic
Greetings all

Selling due to having too many guitars and moving being on the horizon. Good condition other than picking damage that has gone through the top veneer under the bottom string, never gigged, no repairs, all original parts.

Currently set up with the floyd blocked off, in C standard with .13-.60's on it, happy to set up with whatever gauge and tuning buyer wants.

I'm sure you all know or can find out the spec easily enough, one thing I will say for this guitar, the bridge pick up is god damn amazing sounding and incredibly versatile, one of the real strengths of this guitar, sad to sell it for that reason mainly as I've found it a real go to for recording.

Happy to take more photos, away for a couple of days at the moment but can do as soon as I'm back.
Located in Falmouth, Cornwall. Although I'm likely to be travelling around to Bristol and Guildford/London way in the next month if anyone is interested.

Would consider Trades or part ex for Gibson LP's (Customs or interesting/older standards, probably not studios but always worth asking, also any unusual SGs.)
Would very strongly consider part ex for a Rickenbacker 4001/3, ideally the Walnut/maple neck 4003.


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