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Sold Bassbreaker 15 Head & Orange Black 1x12 Cab - Will Split!

Shreddy Krueger

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Bassbreaker head is about 12 months old, immaculate condition, never gigged.
Orange 1x12 has a celestion V, 6 months old, also immaculate.
I find that the Orange cab is a lot more open, and far less woolly than the associated BB cabs.

£400 for both.
Alternatively £290 for the Bassbreaker
£190 for the Orange cab

Collection only from Stirling.

Feel free to message for more info :cool:

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Shreddy Krueger

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I’ll take the DSL up top ;)
Funnily enough, I really like the 1 watt head. The only problem being that it doesn't take pedals on the clean channel at all.
Wondering if I should upgrade to the 20hr? But I'm cautious as to how loud that's going to be vs how good the master volume is.


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Ah, you're a purist...
I've seen those guys around. I don't trust 'em ;-)
Steady now, I certainly don't consider him a purist. Someone might like their steak without condiments as they merely contrive to complicate the tender, suculence and texture of a fine cut of meat, with its rounded, earthy hints of heather and fresh grass. Others just like steak.

Doc falls into the category of 'I like the sound of a good guitar into a loud Marshall'. In which case, who needs a boutique, handwired by virgins fuzz pedal?

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