Anyone getting a british standard chapman?


Subtly not giving a F*ck
There are a few advertised on Andertons' website. The cynical part of me (comprising roughly 98% of my body mass the last time I checked) wonders if these are all the NAMM display models from 2018.
Atleast for the ML-1 I know Rob gave it to Rabea. I think the other models each have an owener withing CG at the moment.
Apparently you still can. Let us know how you get on ;)
As I’ve read the thread I see a lot of skepticism. I will for sure but it won’t be in the near future. Maybe next spring.

For me - and I can’t really put my finger on why - It’s Fenders, and now I will buy Chapman.

I like metal; have always practiced it some everyday; but haven’t followed metal in a long time. I’m unfamiliar with a lot of names that are dropped here in the forum and so on.

But it wasn’t the style or playing of Rob (who’m I respect) that got me onboard. Most videos from Andertons don’t really inform me and I avoid any sort of internet theory or instruction.

I think it’s because I most deeply respect the entrepreneurial spirit and his ability to make it happen. To be honest, I’ve never really listened to his music. That said I’m really, really busy with my own musical projects including the fact I’m still at a university studying composition and performance jazz (two separate majors). So it’s not apathy, I just spend all day every day working music and when I’m done the silence is nice.

It’s just some strange voodoo and that’s the best kind. I can’t tell anyone why I bonded with the Chapman Pro I just purchased, but I did.

It perplexes and amuses me that I like these guitars. At those prices that’s a new Fender Custom or a Dr Z amp. I’m serious about doing it though: I want one.