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Sold A chinese ml1 original


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Just putting this out there to bump every so often. I want a unmodified ml1 original chinese ml1 in black or a lostie with the shaved top. Dont care about the pickups or if it doesnt have the original gigbag.

I know theres one out there somewhere its just finding one. I dont want one which has a floyd i want the standard Wilkinson trem. If it has the original trem block wood that wood be a nice touch

Regards James

Btw hows everyone me and Naomi have tickets to Metallica next year so excited.

I know this search will take a while hence the reason im starting now.

Love you all


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If you go to their website (link to follow) you should be able to buy it...
Thats a korean legacy model but im intrigued by it it looks like the natural front, back and headstock mahogany finish its the infinity inlay and toggle switch that tells me its korean.

The chinese ones have a thinner but longer inlay and a cheaper toggle switch.

But its nice all the same !! Ty