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Sold A Bunch of Guitars (Downsizing)


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Hey guys,

I've Decided its time to thin the heard I have bought over the years especially since I need to give Doc £400 for a nice lovely strat haha !!! Also, a house is up for grabs that Me and Naomi are after !!!

Will post to uk only at buyers expense

Pictures of all of them are here - https://imgur.com/a/HidFS5f

For Sale -

1. Chapman ML3RC BLACK -
Make me a decent offer

For sale is a really nice 2015 Chapman Guitars ML3RC in black. £400

Has very minor marks but not many and they aren't noticeable. Really good condition!

Fully stock with the electronics and pickups etc...

Comes with the chapman gigbag and a stagg strap.

2. Ibenez GIO GRGR09LTD Special Limited Edition Moon Finish - £110
Make me a decent offer

Ibenez GIO GRGRO9LTD special limited edition moon finish.

Only thing wrong with it is a slight crack in the finish near the tone control.

Comes with a a decent but well used gigbag

3. Chapman Guitars ML3 RC Red -
Make me a decent offer

For sale is my Chapman Guitars ML3RC IN red. £400

Its a lovely 2013 model its been played so theres marks here and there. But overall nice condition. The saturn finish in areas has went glossy due to playing and use.

Fully stock with the electronics and pickups etc no modifications.

Comes with the gigbag and strap

4. Chapman Guitars ML3 Traditional Blue - £360
For sale is my Chapman Guitars ML3 Traditional in blue. Legacy korean model.

Really good condition doesnt have any marks its also a 2015 model.

Fully stock and unmodified

Comes with the chapman gig bag and the strap

5. Chapman Guitars Ghost Fret Blue first run Legacy (Electronics problem) £350
Sensible offers

Hey guys for sale is my Chapman Guitars Ghost fret blue legacy first run with the seymour duncans.

It has quite a few marks and a dint on the side of the body. But its main problem is it needs the wiring looked at. I know i will take a massive hit on this guitar for them reasons. But like i said the electronics the pots the switching needs attention. Its fully stock configuration but the neck duncan doesnt come on at all and the bridge duncan is so intermittent its unusable. The volume pot sounds dirty. So yeah it needs some love to get it working again.

Comes with a set of strap locks and the case but thats it.

6. Chapman Guitars Ghost fret Black Legacy £400
Sensible offers please

For sale is my lovely legacy ghost fret in black with the chapman voiced pickups. Its fully stock with no modifications to the electronics etc....

Comes with all the bits you did get with it new the hardcase, the cloth, case keys, strap locks and tools etc....

It has a few marks from use but its a lovely guitar.

7. Chapman ML1 Myth (Robs Chinese ML1) £400
Sensible offers only please

As you can see this is no normal Chinese ml1 its Rob Chapman's personal one that he called Myth that he used on a lot of his older videos.

The finish is a natural black one off from the Chinese factory that rob spec'd personally. It has an original Floyd rose with the arm and locking nut and a fernades sustainer system. So not cheap hardware!!!

Comes with the limited edition Chapman Guitars strap with strap locks and the monkey lord approved gigbag.

Saving for a mortgage so I'm downsizing my rig

This guitar is special and there's no one like it in existence other then this one. Its worth the £400 all day long

Theres a few little marks but its what you expect from a guitar like this !!!