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Obviously, MF2011 is only just over and you guys need some time to recover, but any idea when dates/location will be available for MF2012?
If you had read the "Honest Feedback" thread carefully ;) you'd've seen that Dan said the dates will probably be very similar. As for the venue, the word during the Fest 2011 was that it'd be at the Bisley Pavilion once again. However that may change depending on how much Dan and the other organisers can accomplish in terms of ticket sales, acts booked (I've heard about a couple but I ain't telling! :p), events taking form/place in 2012 and so on...

Patience young one...the time will come. \m/


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Gotta love the Early Bird idea. It provides the elderly with cheaper meals at restaurants and can now provide me with a cheaper ticket... top stuff :angel:


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It's unlikely it will be at Bisley again, but possible. Exactly the same weekend next year.
That's a bugger - I randomly ran into one of my mates outside MF; he's just bought a pad on the base for when the GB team's there and he said I'd be welcome to use it next year...arse ;)

Then again, it'd be a small price to pay for a better venue :)